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What is co-ownership in Real Estate

If you have been hoping for a time when you can own a property in Banana Island, Ikoyi, Asokoro or Maitama without having to break your bank or come from a very wealthy background then this will be one of the most important financially transforming article that will show you step by step on how to build real estate wealth on a little budget.

When you follow the principles I will expose you to, I can guarantee you a continuously flowing well of passive income through Real Estate. Real Estate is the most trusted wealth vehicle to build, preserve and transfer wealth because as long as humans exist, they will always need a place to live, a place to do business, a place to worship and many more… Imagine what amount of money you can make from collecting rent for life from the people that need any of your house, offices or lands.

Lets face it, if you really want to make GOOD money from Real Estate, then you have to purchase properties in strategic locations where businesses are headed and where the government as well have plans for; what hurts more than saving up yet not being able to afford it till it appreciates or even making an initial deposit and not being able to complete payment. 

The truth is we get it and that’s why it’s important for you to know about co-ownership.

Let me take you through the memory lane…

Remember how we contributed money to take Uber so we could enjoy the “comfort and Air con” instead of taking public transport; remember how we contributed money to buy things in bulk because it was more than each person buying alone and when we bought it, it was distributed based on how each person contributed. 

Can you imagine if we contributed money to buy massive properties in strategic locations from as low as #20,000 from each person and you earn rent for life or sell the property when it appreciates. That exactly is co-ownership.

Before you jump into conclusion, we will be going into full discussion on its benefits and challenges in the next post if you need to know more or you can click here (Cuddle homepage) to get started by investing in co-ownership.

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