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How to get started in Real Estate investing with no money

In order to show you how you can get started investing in Real Estate without money,

I have to introduce you to a concept that you will need to understand first

And to do that, you need to answer the question below

What is one thing that has the power to make you incredibly wealthy if wielded properly and also has the ability to turn you into a beggarly poor man if wielded wrongly?

The answer to this question is a concept so powerful; if you learn it, you can use it to get anything you want.

It is what I learned as “The O-P-M advantage”

OPM is all about using money generated by someone or something else other than you in order to start a business or acquire an asset


In case you haven’t found the right answer to the question I asked you earlier,

The answer is “D-E-B-T”

Debt is like a double-edged sword,

Depending on how you use it and what you use it on, it can make you rich or poor.

In this letter, you are going to see how you can use OPM to get rich in Real Estate,

And also, just like I promised you in my last letter,

You will see how a particular guy named Dan, legally makes $900,000/year from a 152-unit, $9 million apartment he didn’t pay a single dime of his money for, and how you can do the same.

Most people think investing in Real Estate is like saving for a first home or that it’s something you can only get to do after you have made your fortune elsewhere,

But do you know what I have discovered in just 6 months by sitting with Top Real Estate investors?

“You don’t need hundreds of thousands of money in the bank to invest”

Heck, sometimes you don’t even need a single dime,

The name of the game the big boys play is ‘leverage’

Starting With No Money? – Here’s How

Dan, our guy did it,

And what Dan did can be broken down into 3 steps you can also do if you have the balls;

-Find/structure a Real Estate deal

-Find investors/partners/friends

-Use their money to make it happen

Ken’s very first Real Estate deal was almost his biggest,

It was a $9 million 1152-unit apartment complex in Suncity, Arizona,

The down payment for this property was $2 million, which he raised from investors,

Meaning that the money he brought out from his own pocket was $0,

So in essence he formed a partnership with investors on a deal (Real Estate) that was so good, several people wanted to be a part of it without needing to convince them,

Our guy here didn’t put any cash down – he just took his time to find an exemptional real estate deal and use other people’s money to make it work.

Today, the deal is worth $20 million,

A deal he didn’t put any of his money into but did all the work and gave 90% ownership to his investor friends while taking 10%,

Mind you, 10% was a humble $900,000/year return on zero investment,

Not bad for his first real estate deal, is it?

If Ken our guy did it, YOU CAN!

If you ever want to one day wake up financially free and secure, you need to make sure that Real Estate is a major path in your many ways to build wealth,

And contrary to popular opinion, you don’t need to have millions in your account to start,

At Cuddle, we allow you to get started in Real Estate, open up a passive income stream for yourself, and build wealth that lasts for a lifetime,

If this is something you will be interested in, go ahead and visit our website now

Talk soon

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