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Real estate investment - co-ownership

Is co-ownership a real estate investment?

You recently got into or have been around the real estate investing space lately and you keep hearing or seeing the word “co-ownership”. And each time you keep asking yourself what that is and if it is the same as normal real estate investing.

In this article, I want to show you what co-ownership in real estate is, why you have been seeing it around lately, and if you really should consider it a real estate investment.

First, an investment, whether in real estate or any other place is any vehicle you can put in money and make the most profit out of it within a considerable period. Even better if you only need to put in the most minimal effort. We already know real estate to be a great investment vehicle. Co-ownership is simply then an emerging trend in real estate investing that still involves you investing in real estate properties like land, commercial outlets, or residential homes but this time collectively rather than individually.

That is, instead of individually buying up a real estate property, co-ownership is about coming together with two or more people to jointly own a piece of that real estate property. And the profit generated from that piece of real estate property would be equally distributed as dividends amongst every co-owner for as long as they co-own this property.

One of the great advantages of property co-ownership is that you can be able to own more than just one real estate property and make a profit from them all at the same time. Co-ownership of properties has also helped reduce the investment cost of real estate and has enabled more Nigerians to dabble in the real estate business.

Other benefits of Co-ownership include;

• Minimal supervision required.

• It comes with a low maintenance cost.

• Good return on investment

• Great way to build up an investment portfolio fast.

• You can choose to sell at any time to recover your investments and profit

If you are looking to start your real estate journey right from where you are and with just what you have, your best bet would be co-ownership.

And to find out just how you can get started easily, Click to see how.

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