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How does co-ownership in Real Estate works

I will show you in this article how the son of “a nobody” can be empowered to become somebody without hurting anybody by investing in Real Estate regardless of their capital.

Like we have said in the previous post, it is the contribution of several people to own an asset that makes co-ownership. With co-ownership, all co-owners enjoy returns based on the capital invested in owning the entire piece.

Let’s get into more context:

Have you ever craved eating fruit salad while in the middle of so much work; you have a choice to either buy different fruits and make your salad or make an order for a fruit salad from the store. If you decide to go for the first you will have to deal with the time it takes you to buy the fruit and cut each fruits – hopefully you don’t lose appetite before the salad is ready; while for the second, you only have to decide what quantity you will love to buy and you get to satisfy your craving almost immediately.

The need for co-ownership came into need to solve the barriers it takes to access and benefit from Real Estate; with co-ownership, the son of “a nobody” can be empowered to become somebody without hurting anybody.

The goal in co-ownership is to bring bits together like the ants and erect an anthill of massive wealth returns and yes, there are massive benefits to this which we would be discussing in the next article but the major advantage to this is that anybody regardless of their wealth/earning can own a property.
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