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Cuddleversary: How Working With Cuddle Has Shaped Clinton

Meet Clinton, the creative designer at Cuddle.

Before joining the team, he had worked in industries ranging from education to tech, health, fashion, etc.

Now, he is in charge of creating amazing visual content for Cuddle.

Why did you want to work at Cuddle, and why do you continue to choose Cuddle every day?

I’ve worked in so many industries but I never imagined myself having anything to do with the Real Estate industry.

When the opportunity arose, I saw it as a great chance to expand my horizons.

I am learning a lot in Cuddle concerning leadership, management, and real estate itself amongst other things.

Can you work us through your process to create a design?

As you know already, creating a design is not a button click as most people imagine. After receiving the content, I researched.

My research stage is going to affect my design process a lot.

So the number of hours/days I spent at this stage will determine how long the design is going to be ready.

Sometimes it might take days, sometimes minutes. It depends as the Lord gives inspiration.

Then after that, I ideate and download all the resources needed for the design or project.

I start designing and boom! The content comes to life.

What are you most proud of accomplishing during the past year?

If there’s anything that I’m most proud of, I will say it is growth.

And also the prestige of working for two Unicorns in view.

Do you have a design which you’ll tout as your best one yet?

This question is somehow tricky.

All my designs are the best, so it’s like me choosing between Ronaldo and Messi.

But as you know the saying, the beautiful ones are yet to be born.

Likewise, the best of the best are not yet born. Let’s await what the future has for us.

N.B. I love all my lack2luxury designs.

Tell us about a moment when you felt connected to Cuddle’s mission.

After watching Billion Dollar Code (Documentary Series) earlier this year, I was like I needed to be part of the future, and boom, Cuddle provided a platform to be part of that future.

So I will try my best to stay connected.

What would you be doing if you were not working as a creative designer?

Perhaps I will be a creative Leonardo Da Vinci.

I will definitely be a creative photographer or anything creative. Even if it is Creative Elon Musk.

Please share your most memorable moments working at Cuddle.

That would be the moment I was at the office early this year.

It was really a memorable moment for me because I had the opportunity to meet almost everyone at the office.

I learned a lot from the bosses (John Igbinosa and Fabian George) and other guys too.

Then, I met the brand ambassadors, Berri Tiga and DimmyKiss.

I was also working under good conditions like stable electricity and a good internet network which made my work rate more efficient too.

That’s all for today with our Creative Designer,

Join us on our next blog. Till then, stay cuddled.

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