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Co-ownership: The Emerging Trend of Owning real Estate in Nigeria

Over the last 100 years, we’ve seen how new ideas have created massive trends which changed the way we do and see things.

While making some money in the process for those who get to jump on these trends.

In this article, we are going to talk about co-ownership, a rapidly emerging trend taking place in the Nigerian real estate industry as you read this.

That now makes it easy for anyone interested in real estate to own properties in strategic locations without breaking the bank.

Before now, the capacity to own real estate has directly been tied to how much one earn in wages.

And because of the cost of real estate properties in Nigeria, it’s been particularly hard for medium and low income earners to own real estate and build wealth.

But instead of owning one real estate property, why not own a part of several real estate properties?

This is where we are headed to.

With co-ownership, investors are uncovering a new, easy and faster way to own multiple income producing properties in different locations without breaking a leg.

But to satisfy your curiosity,

What is real estate co-ownership?

Co-ownership is when two or more like minded individuals come together to jointly own a real estate property by each contributing equal amounts of money to own it.

Each co-owner gets to own equal shares of this property and profit from it together and equally.

What are the benefits of Co-Ownership?

• Low cost of entry, meaning that you can get started with owning properties with just the amount of money you have.

• Minimal supervision required, this means that you don’t need to run up and down to ensure.

• Lower maintenance cost. The burden of maintenance would be reduced because it’s being shared by you and others.

• Good Return on Investment

• Great way to build up an investment portfolio fast.

• Sell at any time to recover your investments and profit

Who Can Co-Own a Property?

Anyone. But this is well suited to middle and low income earners who cannot afford to outrightly afford their dream property.

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