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Real estate investment - co-ownership

5 Smartest ways to invest in real estate in Nigeria [2023]

If you are reading this, it means you are serious about getting started in real estate and building trans-generational wealth for yourself and future generations that can withstand the cold hands of inflation.

And this detailed article will be one of the best articles you will read today,

Because in the next few minutes, you are going to see 5 of the smartest ways to invest in Real Estate in Nigeria in 2023.

But first, let me confess something to you,

Real estate investors in Nigeria are expected to profit massively in the Q1 and Q2 of 2023 because of the flood of infrastructural developments and projects that would be newly commissioned.

Especially in locations like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and other popular cities in the country.

So if you are serious about building wealth in 2023 and beyond, you cannot afford to ignore real estate, it should be a cog part of your financial plans in 2023,

I have taken some of the burdens off of you and carefully handpicked 5 of the smartest ways you can easily get started investing in Real Estate,

Pick one, settle on a long-term strategy and reward yourself with a consistent stream of passive income.


This is the most basic form of investing in real estate and the one with the most reduced risk. 

It involves purchasing a piece of land in a strategic location at a below-market value and leaving for a maximum holding period.

A maximum holding period is a time between buying a piece of land and selling it for profits up to 10x, or 30x its cost.

During the period of holding, the piece of land appreciates in value as development takes place in the location and more people and businesses migrate into the said location.

There is no set amount of time an investor can hold on to the piece of land when the value of the land has increased to a point where there’s little margin for appreciation again.


This type of real estate investing is very common in Nigeria, especially in eyebrow locations.

All it involves is developing commercial or residential properties and putting them out for individuals or businesses to occupy for a certain period of time.

You make money from rental income each time you rent out the property to businesses or individuals.

And you also make money through capital gains which come as a result of an increase in the property’s value.

Owning the property also means you’re responsible for the maintenance and management of the property. 


Flipping real estate is a specialized type of real estate investment mostly for people with significant experience in real estate valuation, marketing, and renovation. 

However, this option is one of the riskiest and most difficult in Real Estate.

With house flipping, you can either buy a property, repair and sell, or buy, wait for capital appreciation and sell.


REITs are very similar to buying and owning shares from a company and earning in form of dividends which are quarterly payments sent to you as profit from your shares.

REITs are real estate corporations that develop and manage properties as part of their portfolio.

This option allows investors to invest in real estate with little or medium capital investments and earn profits on a more consistent basis compared to other traditional methods.


This is an economic alternative to real estate investment which involves breaking down real estate properties into fractionalized units which are then sold as shares or units.

When the property appreciates, the profits are broken down into percentages and shared in proportion to all joint owners of that property.

This option affords an individual the opportunity to get started in real estate investing without necessarily having all the money in his/her bank account and without solely bearing the full responsibilities and costs associated with the property.

At this point, you have been exposed to some of the profitable ways to invest in real estate in Nigeria,

Having already known some of the many benefits of owning a real estate property,

Wouldn’t it be great if you started the new year with your first or next piece of profitable Real Estate?

With as little as N200,000

That way you will never get to miss out on the massive pool of profits that’s to be made in 2023.

Why not get started investing in rental apartments that pay consistently every month, only on Cuddle?

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